Main confguration

Please note: changing configuration currently requires a restart of the web server. If you alter configuration for the UI, make sure to build the project again using the hive ui-build command, before restarting.

The main config file is located at config/default.json. Hive lets you override settings for each environment by modifying the respective config eg. config/development.json or config/production.json.

Defining environment

The environment used is defined from the NODE_ENV environment variable when you start the application. You can override this.

Example for Linux or Mac:

Set the environment by running export NODE_ENV=development before you start the server.

Example for Windows:

Set the environment by running set NODE_ENV=development before you start the server.

Overriding config using environment variables

You can inject settings via environment variables in the hive_ namespace. _ is used as the hierarchy delimiter, e.g. to change the port the http server listens on you would set hive_http_port to 1337. Notice that we are not case-insensitive, thus expecting lower case.

Logging (WIP)

Logging is done using the log4js-node package. By default, everything logged is being redirected to STDOUT. If you need to connect your logger in another way, please check out the Official node4js-node wiki page on Appenders.

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