Interface: REST API


For authentication purposes either include an access_token query parameter carrying the access token or set the Authorization header to token dfg6wdg89wd65...

All methods will return a 401 status code if you failed to provide an access token, a 403 status code if the method exceeds the scope of your access token.


For the full set of Allowed methods, refer to the JSON API specification v1.0. Below follow Hive-specific additions and special cases.

Filtering collections

The REST API interface provides full query support for filtering collections via waterline's query language, which should be easy to use if you have worked with MongoDB or similar databases / abstraction layers before.

GET /api/v1/documents?filter[title][contains]=foo

Change a document's contents

POST /api/v1/documents/2/snapshots
{"parent": "658deg654erh", "changes": "..."}
200 OK
{"id": "9834zf9obv", "parent": "658deg654erh", "contents": "hello world\n", "changes": "..."}

Import a file

(Appends to the end of the document. Attachments must not be larger than 8MiB!)

POST /api/v1/documents/2/import
200 OK
{"message": "ok"}

Export a snapshot

GET /api/v1/snapshot/9834zf9obv/export?type=text/plain
200 OK
hello world\n

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